Our Corporate Division provides services designed and directed to both private and public sectors.  We gear our policy, procedures, operational considerations, and basic needs to a demanding commercial structure.  Delivery of a timely, efficient, and quality service is the way we conduct business in this dynamic world in which we operate.  Needs of organizations consistently, erratically, and sometimes unexpectingly change, but JC Solutions, LLC™ is there to be flexible and capable at all times in the development, design, implementation, and services processes.


Consultation Service

In providing consulting services to clients, it is our goal to effectively research background information to assist in the decision making process.  We use this research to help your organization with product purchases, service acquisitions, and mission oriented objectives.  We give you a third party objective vantage point in any information technology related area.


Web Development

Using some of the cutting edge tools in web development, JC Solutions, LLC™ will custom design any site to client specifications.  Macromedia Flash, HTML, Dreamweaver, Net Objects Fusion, and FrontPage are just some of the tools we have experience utilizing.  To enhance site development, we may call on our experiences with Swift 3D, Action scripting, and Fireworks to take your site to another level of sophistication, entertainment, and functionality.


Graphic Design

Graphics are the first eye-catching appeal to any marketing structure of an individual or organization.  We work with our clients, to customize logos, business cards, brochures, 3D designs, and letterheads to fit the essence of their ideas.  We do not limit ourselves to just the aforementioned, but we also design tee shirts, banners, posters, cartoons and wall paintings


Presentation Development

How you present yourself, idea or organization to a potential client is considered your firs t impression.  Presentations are used for speaker support, business meetings, introducing new products and services, corporate media events, demonstrating new concepts such as new home walk-through prior to construction.  This is where JC Solutions, LLC™ goes to work.  Our professionals help create high-impact, well-balanced packages of words and images designed to deliver a high audio, verbal, and graphic enhanced presentation to communicate our clients message.


Software & Database Development

There comes a time where the need for custom applications becomes overwhelming for individuals and organizations.  The development process may be too much for the task or the time frame may be too tight.  In some cases it is both.  Some clients may not have the expertise, but still need and desire the development of a custom application.  JC Solutions, LLC™ steps in to provide an effective solution under many of these circumstances.   We use as many one-on-one consultation secession necessary to determine the exact needs of the clients.  Our staff has experience with Visual Basic and Microsoft Access in the development process.  Many of these projects have been used for managing some of the following areas:
– Business Contacts, Customers, and Sales Prospects
– Employee and Personnel Information
– Inventory, Order Tracking, Invoices, Payments, and Bookkeeping
– Libraries and Collections

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