JC Solutions, LLC™ is an IT consulting service company based in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area since 2001.  We service all fifty states with our corporate and consumer services.  JC Solutions, LLC™ through associations, hiring practices, and determination encompasses multiple years in the IT industry ranging from as few as 2 years to as many as 20+ years.  Expertise of our staff and affiliates range between hardware configurations, installation and design responsibilities to software mastery, design, and implementation.  With the philosophy that an organization can be successful and still provide excellent custom services to its constituency, we established separate divisions, business and consumer, to better service the specific interests of each demographic. 


Our staff has worked in many government and private organizations, established and maintained successful business endeavors and contacts, and adopted positive philosophies concerning customer service and support.  Due to the extent of exposure in so many different organization, it has given us a unique incite on third party consultation to clients concerning their business practices and mission goals.


The graphic design abilities of our organization have been expanded due to the explosion of the Internet.  The incorporation of Internet software development tools has increased the organizations outlook to include web development services.  We also utilize our talented staff to create and enhance business presentations for our clients.



The work ethic of our staff and affiliates is what led to the creation of this organization and infrastructure.  The loss of placing emphasis on the customer’s unique needs in designing and providing services and products has disappeared in our society.  JC Solutions’ mission is simple – Bring It Back.  Our philosophy is that an organization can be extremely successful and still provide excellent services to its constituency.

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